Sex After Betrayal



Humans are wired for connection.
We thrive in healthy relationships.

We’re also devastated when
those we love betray us…
when trust is broken.

In romantic relationships
this can impact everything
including our erotic connection.

That person you once shared
everything with becomes the
person who you no longer

They may now trigger
anxiety, grief, depression, rage, fear…it can feel impossible to trust.

As therapists, this is often
when couples come to our office.

Mending the injury can be
painful, lengthy, and confusing.

As therapists, we don’t always
know how to help our clients restore
their erotic lives & feel uncertain
about how to help them.

On 3/28 Kaleidoscope Services with Renelle E. Nelson LMFT, CST—License Marriage and Family Therapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, and Sex and Infidelity Recovery Expert will be sharing her secrets on how to heal.

This month’s Changing The Face of Therapy webinar – Sex After The Betrayal will cover:

* Learning to love and trust again;
* Key tools and questions to get partners back on track;
* Rebuilding the relationship foundation; and
* How to use communication, self-awareness, and touch.

If you’ve suffered the pain of betrayal or work with people who have, you need to sign up for this webinar today.

It’s time to heal.


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